Beef Consomme Vs Bone Broth (Are They The Same?)

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Differences Between Beef Consomme and Bone Broth



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What’s up with the trendy “Bone Broth?” How does it relate to beef consomme? Bone broth is more similar to au jus than beef consomme. It is the liquid that drips from a boiling bone while it’s being removed from a sauce, stew, or soup.

Broths can be made from various dishes and dish meats. In contrast, beef consomme is a type of broth (aka the king of broths) that does not contain impurities.

Well, there are few similarities between beef consomme vs bone broth; this article explains these similarities, as well as discusses the key differences between the two.

What is Beef Consomme?

A beef consomme is a whole meal gotten from the beef broth. The term consomme is a French word, which interprets as “Complete” or “Perfect” in English. With that in mind, it is safe to guess that beef consomme means “beef perfect,” right?

Well, that guess could be right, but here’s the most acceptable definition of Beef Consomme. Beef consomme is a meal (actually a type of broth) gotten by further purifying beef broth and adding more ingredients to the sauce.

In other words, beef consomme is a “perfect broth” – a beef broth without any form of impurities. Beef consomme tastes better than beef broths, and it’s clearer. Of course, more ingredients are added when turning beef broths into consommes.

What is Bone Broth?

From the name, literally, bone broth means a type of broth gotten from bones. While this is what it actually means, here’s a better way to explain the definition. A bone broth is a fluid/liquid coming out of a simmered bone.

There are many types of bones you can use to make bone broth. The process to make this dish is simply bringing different bones (pork, poultry, or beef bones) and simmer them for a very long time.

You need to simmer the bones until the tissues break down into the liquid/sauce. Well, bone broths can come in as an alternative in different recipes.

Differences Between Beef Consomme and Bone Broth

Beef Consomme Vs Bone Broth

The differences are pretty much. First, bone broths are not as thick as beef consommes. Well, this is because a beef consomme is made by adding more purifying ingredients to beef broth.

Secondly, beef consomme is made from beef only (beef broth), while bone broth can be gotten by simmering any type of bone for a very long time.

Similarities Between Beef Consomme and Bone Broth

Both beef consomme and bone broth are achieved through simmering. You may be able to use either of these as a substitute for the other. They are rich in various minerals and essential vitamins.

What’s Special About Beef Consomme?

Actually, beef consomme has a richer and more appealing texture than beef consomme. This meal is made by topping up the ingredients used in making beef broths, which is why it is clearer, tastier, and seems better. It can also serve as a substitute for broths or stocks in a recipe.

What’s Special About Bone Broth?

One may choose bone broth over beef consomme for quite many reasons. Firstly, bone broths taste different, and the taste is really good (some people prefer it to beef broths or beef consomme).

More so, you can make bone broths using different types of bones. Although bone broths are not as “pure” as consommes, they are pretty much healthy and can be used in other recipes.

Beef Consomme Vs Bone Broth: Which Should You Choose?

Your choice depends on personal preferences, and the taste you love. Bone broth and beef consomme taste differently. More so, they are both whole meals you can take alone.

Making a beef consomme from scratch takes a whole lot of time because you need to make a beef broth first. That said, choosing between these two depends on which you prefer.

Bone Broth Vs Beef Consomme: Key Points

Summarily, here are the key takeaways when it comes to comparing between beef consomme vs bone broth:

  • Bone broth is the liquid from simmered bones (it could be from any kind of bone)
  • Beef consomme is a purified beef broth; it contains more ingredients and looks richer.
  • You can substitute either of these for the other in certain recipes
  • You can take any of these as a full meal and feel satisfied
  • Beef consomme and bone broth can be bought from grocery stores or restaurants.

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