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Beef Brisket Substitutes



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There is no feeling better than having a smoked brisket at a Texas barbecue. Whereas there might be situations where beef brisket might not be available, not precisely meet your needs, or the meat is costly.

Now, if you choose to use something else because beef brisket is not available, the best beef brisket substitutes will depend on the preparation method you’re going to be using.

The best replacement for beef brisket depends on your needs, and if you’re looking for a cut of less expensive beef, chuck or beef clods are excellent choices, but if you need a non-beef substitute, poultry thighs or lamb can also do.

This article will guide you although the various alternatives you can use in place of beef brisket.

What Part of Cow Is the Brisket?

The brisket is a boneless beef that is cut from the breast of cows, and because it is a tough cut of meat, it is best used when it is either braised, smoked, or roasted under indirect heat for an extended period. Brisket is a delicious cut of the cow when prepared correctly.

Best Beef Brisket Substitutes

When deciding on a brisket alternative, it is always better to go for alternatives that could be prepared the same way as the brisket. So, the best substitutes have to be harsh, have a decent number of connective tissues, or both.

We will be considering some decent brisket alternatives, and for each type, I will be suggesting the best situations where you can use each alternative. If you’re looking out for a beef brisket substitute due to its unavailability, you could try these…

1. Short Ribs

Short ribs have a lot in common with brisket, even if it comes from a different part of the same animal. Like the beef brisket, the short ribs are thick and full of a lot of juiciness as they contain meat, fats, and even bone.

Their bones can be cut across or parallel due to their soft nature. One of the various ways to cook short ribs is by marinating them until it tenderizes.

2. Beef Shanks

Beef shanks are the leg part of the cow. They are usually used in soups and stews as they are, most times, dry and also challenging.

The beef shank is one of the best substitutes for the brisket because when cooked under low heat, it tenderizes and becomes very flavorful, just like the beef brisket. You can usually find the cut of meat sold in sliced form in the beef markets.

3. Beef Clods

Beef clod is a challenging and fatty part of the cow and is better cooked under low flame. Baaf clods are usually marinated or cooked because this form of cooking brings out its juiciness.

The clods are usually divided into three parts: the shoulder, the tough blade, and the heart. Beef clods can also taste better when they are grilled or smoked.

4. Tri-Tip Roast

Tri-tip roast could also work as a good substitute because of its flavor. This cut comes from the bottom of the sirloin and works excellent when it is roasted, smoked, or grilled.

Another advantage of using this cut of beef is that it is flavorful and takes less time to cook than the brisket. Just a single tri-tip roast cut weighs about five pounds to feed six people.

What if your case is different? You want a substitute because you want to try other types of meat; these are some substitutes you could try out…

5. Poultry

Poultry is another cheap alternative to brisket, and it is also easy to cook. Chicken thighs, turkey thighs, and duck thighs are suitable brisket substitutes that save your time and money.

The turkey thighs can be roasted and seasoned just like the brisket, even if duck thighs cook faster and have a more exciting flavor. Chicken thighs, which are the most available of them all, contain enough fat to make them able o cook fast without burning.

And then, for our vegetarians, you all are not left out. There are other beef brisket substitutes vegetarians can use in place of meat like the…

6. Seitan

Seitan is a food that is made from wheat gluten. It is soft and chewy, and although it is usually gotten from stores, you can make it all on your own from the comfort of your house.

Once you have purchased or prepared this, you can always add beef brisket in recipes that require beef brisket.

7. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a trendy substitute for meat commonly used by vegetarians. This is a large green fruit with a This and tough skin. It is usually grown in India and certain tropical regions.

Jackfruit is one substitute that high a meaty taste, and even if it is low in calories, it is high in fiber and is also environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brisket Substitute Is Best Used For Soups?

The beef shanks, which are challenging, are dry parts from the legs of cows that work well as a substitute for soups and even stews. They are a good substitute for soups and stews because when they are cooked under low flames, they become tender and flavourful.

What Are Some Cheap Alternatives For Brisket?

A cheap alternative for brisket is poultry. Thighs from poultry animals like the chicken, turkey, and ducks can serve as suitable substitutes when appropriately cooked. Another advantage that this substitute provides is that it is also time-saving. Poultry meats cook very fast and also don’t easily get burnt.

What Are Some Best Brisket Substitutes For Chili?

Some less expensive substitutes that would work well for chili include

Ground beef; is the quickest and most straightforward type of beef that you can use for chili. Even if your dish still has to be left to simmer for a while, you don’t have to worry about tenderizing the meat.

Another great alternative is the beef chunk; beef chunks come from the shoulder of cows and are usually served diced. This cut is usually very tough, but it tenderizes when stewed for about 90 minutes. Another advantage this cut poses is that it has a beefier flavor than the ground stuff.

Other substitutes include brisket and short ribs.


A lot of people often argue that there are no actual substitutes for beef brisket because the suggested alternatives don’t taste exactly like beef brisket.

This is true because no replacement can be precisely the same as the main, but some of these other options would come close at least.

If you still don’t want to use any of these cuts of beef or other alternative listed here, you can always go with your style and add another meat type that you feel you will enjoy. The choice is yours!

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