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8 Best Pernod Substitutes For Cooking

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What are the best Pernod substitutes for cooking? If you’ve ever wondered what to use instead of Pernod, then this post is for you.

Basically, Pernod can be substituted for various drinks such as Pastis, Absinthe, white wine, vodka, or even whiskey. But each drink can be used as a substitute in a precise scenario.

In this post, you will get to know what drink you can substitute for pernod when the need arises.

What is Pernod?

If you are just getting acquainted with Pernod, then you should know that it is a strong anise-flavored and licorice flavor liquor popular and made in France.

It comes in handy with French seafood dishes mostly because you don’t perceive the fishy odor when you combine your seafood with Pernod. It has a fantastic taste when introduced to a dish.

Pernod belongs to the family of alcoholic drinks with a flavor attached to one of those drinks that are distilled as plants.

However, Pernod is always easy to find, but if you ever run out of this liqueur, or you can’t find it, below is a handful of top-notch, highly recommended drinks that you will substitute for this liqueur.

What Can I Use Instead Of Pernod?

Pernod Substitutes

(What To Use Instead Of Pernod? Well, there are a lot of other things you can use instead of Pernod for cooking, and we’re going to discuss those shortly.

Pernod is an adaptable anise-flavored liqueur that originated from France and has been added to dishes and cocktails for more than 200 years to make the dish more fun and spicier.

In any case, when you couldn’t get Pernod as one of your exquisite addition to your dish, consider the following Pernod substitutes for cooking:

Best Substitutes For Pernod

1. Pastis


Pastis, just like Pernod, is a French anise-flavored spirit that is of the same family. However, it contains the additional flavor of licorice and has only a minimum of about 40% of alcohol by volume composition.

The name “Pastis” is derived from a French word being “passion,” which in English means “mixture.” From its name, it is a drink that has a combination of different aromas and tastes.

One of the primary flavors comes from star anise or the seeds of the Mediterranean anise plants. Some other ingredients contained in this drink are licorice, Melissa, sage, and other Mediterranean herbs.

Because it belongs to the same family as Pernod, it makes a perfect substitute for Pernod.

2. Absinthe


Just like Pernod and Pastis, Absinthe is one of the talked-about liquor in our European continent. Absinthe has a flavor of anise and is a mixture of Artemisia absinthium flowers and leaves, sweet fennel, and other types of helpful herbs.

While most European countries use Absinthe as an ingredient for traditional dishes, we consider it one of Pernod’s best substitutes.

Consuming it in teaspoons is very fine, especially when preparing oysters, escargot, and even cheese. This drink has been banned in some countries because of its strong alcohol content.

3. White Wine

White Wine

White wine comes in different varieties and different colors, ranging from yellow to yellow-gold color and different tastes.

The liquor is obtained from the production of alcohol fermentation of the pulps of grapes. White wine is considered a favorite ingredient in cooking.

The numerous varieties come from different methods in the production and wine grapes used. White wine is produced and gotten from either green or yellow grapes, but grapes with darker skin sometimes are considered.

White wine is considered a substitute for Pernod because it is a good combo with seafood.

However, if you are looking for a wine that tastes exactly like Pernod’s flavors, then white wine shouldn’t be considered.

4. Ouzo


Ouzo having a dry anise-flavor belongs to the same family as Pernod and Pastis but is produced from grape; it is most prevalent in Greece.

The key recipe differs from company choice; Ouzo is mainly distilled in about 96% of copper steels and flavored with anise seeds and other ingredients.

The Greek product in 2006 got EU approval for Protected Designation of Origin. Meaning all the processes of production must take place in only one place.

Ouzo is an excellent alternative to Pernod when preparing your dish as it adds the anise flavor you get from Pernod and can be added to any recipe of your choice.

5. Sambuca


The Italian origin liquor, Sambuca, contains the anise flavor.  It comes in different varieties, but the most popular is colorless and is often referred to as white Sambuca, while other types with colors are called the black or red Sambuca.

Sambuca is preferred after taken a big meal. But can be consumed in different cocktails as well. Sambuca is of the same family as Ouzo and Pastis, so it can be a good substitute for Pernod when cooking.

6. Whiskey


Whiskey is made by distilling alcoholic beverages from various fermented grain mash such as corn, wheat, rye, and even barley.

It is surprisingly one of the substitutes for Pernod as an ingredient for cooking. Whiskey has a unique flavor when aged.

When added to cooking, even a drop gives an extra aroma and smoky flavor to the dish. Adding the liquor when starting the cooking process allows the alcohol to evaporate, while adding it at the ending enables your meal to retain the alcohol taste.

7. Vodka


Vodka is a popular drink around the world. It originated from Poland, Russia, and Sweden. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage made by having liquids of fermented grains or potatoes, being distilled.

Vodka is a cheap and easy-to-find substitute for Pernod. Although it lacks an anise flavor, it can be an excellent ingredient for seafood dishes that work perfectly for shrimp and fish.

8. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

For non-alcoholic consumers searching for an alternative to Pernod, lemon juice is a perfect substitute. For a long time, lemon juice has been an ideal ingredient in preparing desserts, marinades, savory dishes, and even drinks.

Although it does not have the anise and licorice flavor, lemon juice contains a lot of Vitamin C, making it a perfect substitute for Pernod, unlike other alcoholic alternatives.

Like lemon juice, other considerable non-alcoholic substitutes for Pernod include citrus fruits, anise seeds and powders, gingers, and laurel powder and leaves.

The ingredients and spices you have in your spice rack might make a perfect substitute. You might not know of all you need to do is an experiment on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Substitute Ouzo For Pernod?

Ouzo contains an anise flavor. Because of the presence of anise flavor in ouzo that is also contained in Pernod, Ouzo will make a perfect substitute for persons.

What Is The Flavor Of Pernod?

The flavor of Pernod its anise flavor. Pernod tends to produce the licorice flavor to whatever it is added to. It is used mainly with seafood dishes.

Is Pernod The Same As Pastis?

Despite that Pernod and Pastis both have anise flavor, both are not the same as Pernod is got from anise and other aromatic herbs. At the same time, Pastis contains anise, aromatic herbs, and some licorice macerated in a spirit base.

Is Pernod Real Absinthe?

Until it was banned in 1915, Pernod Fills was a famous Absinthe brand in the 19th century.

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Conclusion | Pernod Substitutes

In Conclusion, having a good substitute for Pernod depends on what you will like to have. If you are a non-alcoholic consumer, then lemon juice is highly recommended, but Ouzo, Vodka, Whiskey, or even Pastis is a good choice if you can go with alcohol.

This post has successfully provided you with the best substitutes for Pernod. In other words, you don’t have to panic if you run out of your best bottle of Pernod while cooking.