8 Best Okonomiyaki Flour Substitutes

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Okonomiyaki Flour Substitutes



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Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style pancake that is made from shredded eggs, cabbage, water, flour, and many other toppings. You might be able to find some flour that is exclusively for okonomiyaki in Japanese grocery stores.

Delicious okonomiyaki can be prepared just by using the flour as an active ingredient, but what happens when you can’t get this flour anywhere around you? You can simply use other okonomiyaki flour substitutes instead.

All-purpose flour, Japanese or Chinese yam, Takoyaki flour, tempura flour, bread crumbs, potato starch, rice flour, and okara powder are some of the most suitable alternatives to okonomiyaki flour you can always use.

And if you want to go all homemade and natural, you can make your okonomiyaki flour at home.

Best Okonomiyaki Flour Substitutes

Even if you can make okonomiyaki easily at home all by yourself, some other substitutes can easily come in handy and are very easy to find.

1. All-Purpose Flour

As we should all know, the main ingredient in okonomiyaki is flour. Even if you do not have any baking powder around, you can always make your delicious okonomiyaki with just your all-purpose flour.

Some people prefer using more eggs than the recipe to be tasty and fluffy, but you should do what you prefer.

Also, if you have flour and no dashi to go with it, I advise you to use soy sauce mixed with a bit of sugar, salt, and pepper before baking the dough.

2. Rice Flour

If you wish to make gluten-free okonomiyaki, then rice flour is the best option you can find. Since most restaurants in Japan use wheat flour as the dough, people with wheat allergies may not enjoy the dish.

You can easily make your homemade okonomiyaki by using rice flour instead of learning about this.

You can use the rice flour the same way you would have used the regular all-purpose flour, and also, you can add your seasonings to fit your taste if you so desire.

3. Japanese Yam or Chinese Yam

In Japan, a popular alternative is adding grated Yam into the okonomiyaki dough, making the dough fluffy and rich in nutrients.

Some people prefer to add flour and mix with the grated Yam, but you can also make it just with the grated Yam if you have no okonomiyaki around. After this has been prepared, you can add your eggs, shredded cabbage, and toppings to fit your taste.

Since grated Yam is usually very sticky before baking, it makes the dough stick together quite firmly. Japanese Yam is said to be stickier than Chinese Yam is I advise you to buy the Japanese Yam instead.

4. Bread Crumbs

Since bread crumbs(panko) are originally bread, they can serve both flour and baking powder. Bread crumbs also make the okonomiyaki fluffy, but you have to follow these few guidelines to achieve a better result.

Soak plenty of water before you mix your panko with cabbage; you can also use milk instead if you wish to.

The milk or water you will be using should be at room temperature, and after this is done, you still have to wait for about 10 minutes for the dough to rise; you can also add yeast for it to rise faster and fluffier.

5. Takoyaki Flour

Takayuki flour is one of the best substitutes for Okonomiyaki flour. The reason is very straightforward; most of the ingredients used in making the Takoyaki flour are similar to that of okonomiyaki flour. But that doesn’t mean the compositions are the same; their compositions are slightlydifferent.

The great thing about this substitute is that you do not need to add any dashi or seasoning to it when making the okonomiyaki, as they are almostthe same. This substitute is hard to get in stores, so make sure you utilize it effectively if you eventually get a hold of it.

6. Tempura Flour

Tempura flour helps maintain the crispy texture of your foods as it contains flour, baking powder, and an emulsifier. Unlike the Takoyaki mad okonomiyaki flour, tempura flour has no dashi in it.

7. Potato Starch

Potato starch can make your dish chewy, so it is required to use it in a minimal quantity. If you’re extra careful, this pancake would be like chi Jimi after being made, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Corn starch is said to be a perfect substitute for potato starch, but it doesn’t work well in this case; the thickening of the dough would be slower if corn starch is used, making it difficult also to mix the dough.

8. Okara Powder

One of the best okonomiyaki flour substitutes, okara refers to the residue that remains after the milk has been squeezed out of soy milk in the process of making tofu. For a long time now, it has been well known as a gluten-free material, and recently, it is now a popular substitute for wheat flour.

It can be used the same way as an all-purpose flour as the taste of okara would not ruin your okonomiyaki dish. Another added advantage of okara is that it also makes the dish delicious and fluffy.

Can I Make My Own Okonomiyaki Flour at Home?

Yes, you can do that by mixing your all-purpose flour, dashi, and baking powder. If you don’t have dashi at home, you can use mantsuyu or dried bonito instead.

And if you don’t like the taste of dashi, you can skip it. Since there is no need for okonomiyaki to rise like pancakes, you can skip out the baking powder and use your all-purpose flour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Okonomiyaki Flour Made Of?

Okonomiyaki flour is made from unbleached wheat flour and soy sauce mixed traditionally. You can add some leavening agents and some seasoning to add that kick of flavor if you wish.

Is Okonomiyaki Flour the Same as Takoyaki Flour?

Okonomiyaki sauce is notthe same as Takoyaki sauce, even if they are similar. While okonomiyaki flour is made from unbleached wheat flour and soy flour, Takoyaki flour, on the other hand, is made from soy sauce flavor that provides Takoyaki with a delicious batter.

Can You Use Regular Flour for Okonomiyaki Flour?

Yes, you can. When you’re in dire need of okonomiyaki flour, and there’s none available, you can make use of your all-purpose flour as it is one of the best substitutes to use. You can also add some yam starch or potato starch to make the batter sticky.

How Healthy Is Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is very healthy since it is made of various healthy ingredients such as eggs, meat, and vegetables and also contains much of our needed daily requirements.

What Cabbage Is Best for Okonomiyaki?

The best cabbage to use for your okonomiyaki is green cabbage.The green cabbage is also very accessible in various parts of the world in Japan. The moisture-rich vegetable gives that traditional sweet cabbage flavor while maintaining that cabbage freshness.

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