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Kasuri Methi Substitutes



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The kasuri methi plants are the dried parts of the fenugreek leaves. These plants are highly addictive herbs that usually taste bitter.

The kasuri methi, also known as the kasoori methi, is a spice used in Indian curries, parathas, and sabzi. These herbs are abundant in India as they are used in many Indian cuisines.

In some cases where you don’t have these leaves around you, you can opt for other kasuri methi substitutes such as alfalfa, fenugreek seeds, dried mustard greens, maple syrup, spinach, celery leaves, collard greens, mustard seeds, curry powder, and watercress.

Below, we will be looking at the best substitutes for kasuri methi in detail to enable you decide which one is most suitable for your dishes!

Best Kasuri Methi Substitutes

If you need to use Kasuri methi in your dish and have none available, don’t worry, as there are excellent substitutes you can use instead.

1. Dried Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are also referred to as curly or curled mustards. They are a suitable substitute for the Kasuri methi as they also provide your dish with a bitter and somewhat spicy taste, just like the Kasuri methi.

Apart from the taste, the smell of this leaf is similar to that of the Kasuri methi. You can add them to your dish either sprinkled, raw, cooked, or powder, to provide your dish with a pleasant aroma and taste.

2. Spinach

Spinach also has the qualities of the Kasuri methi, but the aroma and taste are more pronounced when it is cooked. To provide you with a delicious dish, you can mix your Kasuri methi with your fenugreek seeds to enhance its flavor.

The spinach leaves work well on their own, but it works even better when combined with the fenugreek seeds. You should note that raw Kasuri won’t provide your dish with precisely the same taste as the Kasuri methi, but the taste is enhanced when cooked.

3. Celery Leaves

You can find the celery leaves at the top of the celery stalk, and these vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The celery leaves also have a bitter taste, just like the Kasuri methi leaves, making them one of the suitable substitute options.

You should be assured of attaining a similar taste and flavor to the Kasuri methi leaves. When making a spice mix, ensure that you involve the celery leaves as they offer a great flavor. Celery leaves can also substitute for fenugreek leaves as they also share a similar taste.

4. Alfalfa

The alfalfa is a flowering plant that is also known as the watercress. This plant can be successfully used as a substitute for the Kasuri methi due to its amazingly similar taste.

Just like the celery, the alfalfa provides your body with many vitamins, fibers, and minerals as they also add a lot of benefits to the blood.

The alfalfa is believed to have the ability to relieve some of the symptoms of menopause, so this substitute provides you with a lot of benefits, coupled with the fact that it also provides you with a similar taste to the Kasuri leaves.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are gotten from the fenugreek plants. The seeds are similar to the fenugreek leaves, but they are better substitutes because they provide a spicy version of fenugreek, while the fenugreek leaves are more like herbs.

These seeds are filled with many nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin K, and vitamin C. These seeds provide you with the nutrients that you would need daily.

It is preferable to add these seeds at the starting phase of your recipe. Either you add them as seeds or in powdered forms.

To attain some thickness and bulkiness in your dish, you can add a watercress with your fenugreek seeds.

6. Maple Syrup

The maple syrup and the Kasuri methi contain a chemical compound known as the solution, responsible for their aroma. Maple syrup is a perfect substitute for the Kasuri methi.

Still, you should add the maple syrup to your dish towards the end as it is said that the aroma of maple syrup gives away fast, and you may not notice it if it is added at the beginning.

You should be careful when adding maple syrup as a substitute because maple syrup is sweeter than Kasuri methi, so just a spoon or two of maple syrup would do the trick.

7. Curry Powder

Curry powder is another fantastic substitute for the Kasuri methi, and sometimes, fenugreek seeds are added to the curry powder. So, when substituting the curry powder for Kasuri methi in your dish, you should also expect hints of the fenugreek seeds.

The curry powder impacts an additional flavor and color to your dish, and if you don’t mind, you can conveniently substitute it for your Kasuri methi.

You should note that the fenugreek is more predominant in the curry leaves, so you shouldn’t add too much of the curry powder, so you do not change the taste.

8. Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are usually substituted for the Kasuri methi for their flavor and aroma. You can add these seeds in powdered or seeded forms to provide the same mild bitter taste as the Kasuri methi.

9. Watercress

As we discussed earlier, the watercress has a similar flavor to that of the celery, even if it has slight pepper notes.

When substituting, you should use one tablespoon of the watercress instead of a tablespoon of the Kasuri methi.

Related Questions

What Can I Use Instead of The Dried Methi?

There are a lot of substitutes that can work, but it all depends on how you want them to be added.

The best bets you can settle for are toasted yellow mustard seeds and a pinch of maple syrup, but if you prefer individual spices, you can consider brown mustard seeds, masala curry powder, or the yellow mustard seeds.

If your substitute is added in a pinch, you should use maple syrup, toasted brown sugar, mustard, or fenugreek.

What Is Kasuri Methi in English?

The Kasuri methi is an Indian name for dried fenugreek leaves, so in English, it translates to dried fenugreek leaves.

Can I Substitute Fenugreek Leaves for The Seeds?

Yes, you can always substitute fenugreek leaves with the seeds, but you should note that there would be a slight change in flavor. Although the seeds bring out the taste of the fenugreek more, when overheated, the fenugreek seeds turn out to be much more bitter.

Are Fenugreek and Methi the Same?

Yes, they both translate to the same thing fenugreek leaves are referred to as methi in most Indian cuisines.

The fenugreek is an annual crop native to southern Europe and Asian continents. They are yellowish-brown and angular. Apart from methi, in Tamil, these seeds are referred to as the vendhayam.

Is Fenugreek Harmful to The Liver?

Fenugreek has ever been implicated in hurting the liver, although the fenugreek seeds are used to lower the effect of fever, vomiting, diabetes, and poor appetite.


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