10 Best Asafoetida Substitutes

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Best Asafoetida Substitutes



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When cooking, it is common to run short of ingredients that make up tasty meals, and asafoetida is not exceptional. Although it is mostly known for its bitter taste, asafoetida offers a strong and acceptable taste to the meal.

But if for any reason you run out of asafoetida, you would need to have alternatives. So, are there suitable asafoetida substitutes?

Garlic paste, onion powder, garlic powder, sauteed garlic, garlic chives, shallots, etc., are some of the best substitutes for asafoetida that we will be discussing here today.

Let’s get started!

What is Asafoetida?

While many people would refer to asafoetida as a plant that has this odd smell and a bitter taste, Indians see asafoetida as an essential ingredient in the kitchen. Many people also refer it to as devil’s dung.

Even until now, some regions use asafoetida resin as a medicine. But even as this is beneficial as medicine, Indians use it to make their dishes.

Taste of asafoetida: this ingredient has a notable onion and garlic flavor. This says why many people would prefer it to have several ingredients in the kitchen.

What can you cook with asafoetida? Asafoetida is commonly used to prepare vegan dishes. Just a pinch of asafoetida is enough to enhance the taste of the meal. However, because of the bitter taste, it is not good to add too much of the ingredient

So, what ingredients can substitute asafoetida by adding the entire necessary flavor without altering the taste of the meal? Read on to find out!

Best Asafoetida Substitutes

1. Onion powder

If you are looking forward to replacing your asafoetida, then you can go for onion powder. The potency of onion powder is relatively high, and it has a tangy flavor that is quite accommodating. It will not alter the taste of your meal if you add a pinch at a time.

However, onion powder does not have the garlic flavor that asafoetida has. So, this is mostly for people that do not mind replacing asafoetida with ingredients that do not have the entire flavor.

Onion powder is one of the excellent asafoetida substitutes. So when the time calls for it, do not hesitate to use onion powder.

2. Garlic powder

Here is another asafoetida substitute, but unlike asafoetida itself, garlic powder only has a garlic flavor. Although many brands maintain the potency of the taste, garlic powder still does not have an onion flavor in it.

This is especially for people that would need to replace the ingredient in a pinch and would not want to go through the daunting task of having to prepare two ingredients to make up for one ingredient.

Garlic fits more in stews and sauce. And though it carries a strong flavor, it will not overpower the intended taste of your meal. However, you would have to be careful not to add too much of it.

3. Onion paste

Closely related to onion powder is onion paste. So, now you have many options to choose from. Another excellent asafoetida substitute is onion paste.

Onion paste is simply onions that are sliced and either ground or pounded to form a paste. And since it is ground or pounded, it has this aroma and irreplaceable flavor that makes it the perfect replacement for asafoetida.

However, just like the onion powder, onion paste does not have garlic flavor to make a complete replacement for your ingredients. It is the best in stews and sauces. And for the best results, add them before adding tomatoes. This enhances the taste.

But if also you like to see the shapes of onions in your meal, then you can add some onion paste after adding tomatoes.

4. Garlic flakes

Garlic flakes are a great replacement for asafoetida when the time calls for replacement. Garlic flakes do not have a strong flavor like garlic powder. So, it would require you to add more onion flakes to meet up with the taste.

But the odds with garlic flakes are since it is shortly ground and not in powdered form, you might notice that some part of the meal has more garlic flavor than other parts.

So, ensure you stir your meal well, cover the pot and allow it to boil so it spreads in the dish.

5. Garlic chives

This is yet another ingredient that can replace asafoetida in recipes that call for replacement. Allium tuberosum is the botanical name for garlic chives.

It is notable in china but native to the Chinese province of Shanxi. The leaves of garlic chives are edible and grow to have flat leaves that taste mildly like garlic.

You can use garlic chives to make dumplings, make egg dishes or even prepare sauces and stews. Furthermore, you can mince and add garlic chives to meat or fish; this enhances the taste of the meal.

6. Sauteed garlic

Garlic can offer some flavor that is very much relatable to what asafoetida offers in recipes. Now imagine sautéing the garlic in olive oil or any oil of your choice.

Sautéing garlic would enhance the flavor that your favorite ingredient asafoetida gets to offer in many recipes that it finds itself in.

Sauteed garlic is an excellent replacement for asafoetida most times where you cannot have your intended ingredient.

7. Shallots

Shallot is a variety of onions that many people would prefer in their recipes. Shallots (Allium ascalonicum) are closely related to onions. This explains why many people use shallots and onions interchangeably.

So, shallots can replace onions and asafoetida in recipes that require replacement. So, you mice the shallots, slice, dice, or even grind them before use.

8. Garlic and onion powder

So, what if you want to have all the flavors that asafoetida offers? Well, if this were the case, then you would have to merge some ingredients to make up your desired flavor.

Garlic and onion are the principal and notable flavors that asafoetida offers in recipes. So, this is your best chance to have the flavors. If you have some garlic and onion, then you can use them to make your dish now.

9. Minced onion and minced garlic

This is yet another asafoetida substitute when you want the entire flavor present in your dish. Mince the onions available at your disposal and the garlic you have too.

Add them to your recipes and allow them to cook for a while to release the taste, respectively.

10. Garlic and leeks

Garlic and leeks are also great asafoetida substitutes, so you can have them now in your dish and still relish your dish as though the original ingredient was asafoetida.

Leeks are still a variety of onions that oozes with great flavor, mix it with garlic and have your meal served!


Now you see that finding an asafoetida substitute for your recipe is not a daunting task. All you needed was a promising guide, and here it is!

If you wish to have just one flavor in your meal, then you can choose between garlic and onions to make your meal. However, if you wish to have garlic and onion flavor, then you have to merge the ingredients to make up for the flavor.

And with this, we are confident that your meal will turn out great even without asafoetida.


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